The First Verified Crowdfunding Platform for First Responders
& Military personnel

Each day, first responders and military personnel put their lives on the line not only to protect the public, but to protect our way of life. Unfortunately, while our nation’s heroes are the first to a crisis, they’re also often the first to be left behind. Our team consists of individuals from the first responder and military community in which we serve. We’ve experienced hardships firsthand and the different challenges that are present in this community. We founded Fund the First to provide other first responders, military, and medical professionals with a trusted place to get the support they need, when they need it.

How it works:

Fund the First is a simple and trusted way to support first responders and military personnel. Every crowdfunding campaign is verified to ensure the donor’s money goes to the intended person. Using our secure online platform, you can create, manage and promote verified crowdfunding campaigns to help first responders, military, and medical professionals raise money in times of need.  Our mission is simple: Eliminate fraud and provide a trusted platform and community for America’s heroes to receive the support needed.

Create a Campaign

Sign up for Free. Fund the First campaigns can be created by first responders, family members, or organizations. Anyone can be a contributor. It takes just two minutes to sign up, to make a lifetime of difference.

Get Verified

We verify the first responder status of every campaign applicant using , the industry’s leading Identity verification technology. We also verify campaigns for financial hardships including but not limited to urgent needs, employment support, illness, surgery, catastrophic loss and death.

Receive Payment

Fund the First exists to ensure the right people receive contributions. Once a campaign is complete, we distribute contributions directly to the verified first responder, or their designated beneficiary – whether the goal is reached or not.

Why Fund the First?

The internet is an amazing place to connect with others. But as we become more connected, we also become more vulnerable — especially to online fraud. Claiming to be a first responder immediately gives you a level of attention and sympathy. As a result, many of the campaigns seen on large crowdfunding sites are actually scams. At Fund the First, we’ve developed the only platform that combats fraud while providing verified first responders with a trusted place to get the support they deserve.

Help Support

• 900,000+ sworn law-enforcement officers
• ~1,056,200 firefighters
• 1,000,000 emergency medical responders
• Veterans and military personnel in all branches of the U.S. military
• Sheriffs and Corrections Officers
• Retired First Responders
• Others in related and support positions

Our Mission

First responders experience illnesses, surgeries and other catastrophic losses more often than other occupations. We founded Fund the First to empower our first responder & military communities with financial resources in times of need. Together, we can give back to those who give everything for us each day. Get involved and help us Fund the First.


Example, NYC

According to the 2019 World Population Review, 11 cities have a population of over one million people. These cities include New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Houston. Based on our sample audience we can determine that there are countless active and retired first responders throughout the United States. A substantial amount can benefit from our platform.