4 Easy Ways to Build a Successful Crowdfunding Fundraiser

Here at Fund the First, we are in the business of supporting first responders, military, and medical professionals. Let’s get started on building your successful crowdfunding fundraiser. We want YOU and your crowdfunding fundraiser to be as successful as possible, while simultaneously building a community of support. No matter where you are in the fundraising process, these tips and tricks from our experienced Fund the First team are for you!

Tell your Story

From the title and description to the photos and videos, conveying the unique story behind your fundraiser is integral in your success. The first aspect of your campaign, the title, should include the beneficiary and an accurate synopsis of your cause. The best way to engage viewers into potential donors is to explain your story in a way that is easy to both connect with and skim. It is important to answer basic who, what, when, where, and why questions with authenticity. When answering these questions, highlight details that are most inspiring. Ensuring cohesiveness from the top to bottom of your campaign is the best way to draw in more eyes. Bottom-line, your story has the potential to make an impact!

Quick Tips:

·        On average, the most successful campaign descriptions contain 300 to 500 words

·        Campaigns with personal videos raise 105% more than campaigns without them

·        Adding personal information to your campaign could get you 79% more backers

Set your Goals Strategically

Now that you have created the content of your fundraiser, it is time to select a goal amount of money you want to raise. We understand goal setting for your fundraising campaign may feel daunting at first. The two best tricks you can use when strategizing the amount of money you would like to raise are keeping goals achievable and updating them as needed.

Goals help to create the momentum of your campaign. By making your fundraising goals achievable and updating them as you hit milestones, both you and your supporters will continuously be encouraged through the entirety of your campaign. 

Quick Tips:

·        Update your goal after reaching 20% of your target (if needed)

·        Campaigns that can gain 30% of their goal within the first week are more likely to succeed

·        42% of funds are raised in the first and last three days of the campaign’s duration

Update your Campaign Often

Continuously posting new information regarding the progress of your fundraiser creates a community between you and your donors. Remember, no update is too small. People who share or donate to your fundraiser are investing in you and your cause! Keep them in the loop and celebrate your successes together.

Quick Tips:

·        Successful fundraisers are updated on average at least 4 times throughout their course

·        Campaign organizers raise an average of three times more if they update their supporters every 5 days

·        Campaign organizers who update their supporters  raise an average of 126% more than those who don’t

Share! Share! Share!

The effort and ability to share a fundraising campaign is the separating factor between successful and unsuccessful fundraisers. Utilize social media as a promotional tool. Share your message with your friends, family, coworkers, etc. and encourage them to share with their network as well. The more eyes on your campaign, the higher the rate of success. Gaining walking ambassadors for your cause will cultivate community building and donations. The most important time period to be pushing your fundraiser is immediately after you it is created, especially within the first 48 hours. 

Quick Tips:

·        53% of email shares of crowdfunding campaigns convert into donations

·        12% of Facebook shares convert to donations

·        3% of Twitter shares convert to donations

·        Crowdfunding campaign organizers that shared fewer than 2 times have a 97% chance of not meeting their goal