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Why Crowdfunding & Why Fund the First

“Why would I start a campaign on a crowdfunding site? Is crowdfunding a viable option for me?” 

These questions are on the forefront of many individuals’ minds when needing financial assistance. Crowdfunding is a viable option for just about anyone looking to start any venture or promote their cause. The beauty of crowdfunding is that it is more effective than traditional fundraising efforts and creates an opportunity for community. People often find major success on crowdfunding platforms; skyrocketing their business, nonprofit, or cause from gaining local attention to national or even international support. Crowdfunding has become a global phenomenon and is an extremely powerful tool for anyone to take advantage of. 


Our team at Fund the First has taken and enhanced the crowdfunding model to fit the needs of our first responder, military, and medical professional communities. While these groups are the first to respond in a crisis, they are often also the first to be left behind. Fund the First was founded as the nation’s first verified crowdfunding platform by first responders, for first responders, members of the military, and medical professionals. Through our partnership with, we are the only platform that is completely secure and fraud free. We aim to provide a trust-filled space where donors and our heroes feel supported and reassured. 


Still having doubts or questions? We don’t blame you! Let’s talk about Fund the First’s growth and why we are quickly rising as one of the most trusted crowdfunding platforms used.


Since our launch in July of 2020, we have seen tremendous success as an organization and across our platform. At Fund the First, anyone is able to start and support a fundraising campaign for our heroes. To date, Fund the First has hosted more than 100 fundraising campaigns. These campaigns range in size and circumstance. From our #FeedtheFirst fundraisers to line of duty deaths, we have seen how impactful Fund the First fundraisers can be in cultivating financial assistance and support for our nation’s heroes. The campaigns on our site have cumulatively raised more than $700,000 in 5 short months, and this number is quickly growing. If you are interested in checking out the fundraisers currently live on our site, please CLICK HERE.


Given our niche platform and passion for the community we serve, our team has worked tirelessly to gain national press coverage and attention. We have been featured on numerous news outlets, podcasts, and radio shows. You may have seen our Founder and CEO, Robert Garland, on Fox News or CBS Thanksgiving Morning speaking about the why behind our platform and the people we are helping; but if you didn’t, please feel free to catch up HERE


Outside of our values and mission, there are a few things that set us apart from other crowdfunding platforms you may be familiar with.


First and foremost, there is no minimum goal or amount that must be raised for any campaign on our site. Whether you are hoping to raise $100 or $100,000, our platform is for you. Along with that, there are zero penalties for not reaching your desired goal. Other crowdfunding sites will often penalize users if their initial or desired goal is not reached and charge high usage fees. At Fund the First, 92% of every dollar raised for a campaign is donated directly to the beneficiary. The other 8% goes toward processing fees and the verification/operating costs. One of the final aspects that sets our organization apart is that we put our money where our mouth is. Our Fallen First Reserve is a fund we have initiated to help provide financial assistance for expenses related to a first responder death. There are unfortunately about 300 line of duty deaths every year. Our goal is to provide financial support in the amount of $5,000 immediately upon the passing of a first responder. If you are interested in learning more or donating, please CLICK HERE.

We are passionate about what we do and the people we serve. If you are interested in learning more please contact us at [email protected] or follow us on social media, @FundtheFirst

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